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Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to Get the Right Bra Size

Bra Choosing Made Easy

Firstly you should find a good material tape measure and remove all clothing. The first measurement you need to establish is your band size - which is your ribcage measurement and you should place the tape measure just below your bust and read the number of inches to the nearest inch. So if it measures just over 30 call it 30 but if its closer to 31 then call it 31 inches. If you are measuring in centimeters you should round the number to the nearest 5cm.

If your measurement was an odd number then add 5 inches to your original measurement. If it was even then add 4 inches. So if your original measurement was 25 this makes your band size 30 inches or if your original measurement was 28 then this makes your band size 34 inches.

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