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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Should Your Underwear Match Your Bra?

Bra Choosing Made Easy

Most women understand there are definite color combinations that work from a fashion sense when it comes to one's outfits. Ah, but what about the foundation garments? Should your underwear match your bra or is it really not that big a deal?

Presented with the question of whether panties and bras should match, most women would automatically say they should and rightly so. We are taught from a young age that outfits much match. Surely this applies to our undergarments as well, right? Right? Still, the question bears some consideration. After all, who is really going to know if we wear blue panties and a black bra while at work assuming there are no romantic adventures going on? It is a valid question, but one never knows when you might end up in a compromising position. This is why your panties and bra should match as a general rule.

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