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Friday, June 12, 2009

Knowing When Your Bra Fits Just Right

Bra Choosing Made Easy

The vast majority wear a bra that is the wrong size for their body. Given this fact, most women aren't entirely sure what a bra that fits well should feel like. In this article, we provide an answer to that question.

To find the perfect fit in a bra, it is first important to understand the basic function of a bra. Anything with straps suggests a support via hanging component. This is actually incorrect when it comes to bras. A bra should provide roughly 80 percent of the support from the band circling around the bottom of the bra. Put another way, a bra should be doing more pushing up than hanging when it comes to supporting the breasts.

Overall, a bra that fits perfectly will be comfortable first and foremost. When wearing it, your breasts should be sitting midway between your shoulders and your elbows. The band should be snug around your upper chest and back, but not too constricting. No part of the bra should be leaving red lines or spots.

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