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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Perfect Bra

Bra Choosing Made Easy

The perfect bra doesn't cost $75 dollars a pop nor is it made with velvet and fine French lace. But the perfect bra supports and holds your girls up. Trust me I've coveted those perfect $100 bras for years and settled for the first bra that I could find at Target before my daughter could start whining. But now after 2 kids and 13 months of nursing for each child, my girls are not so "perky" any more,. They are exhausted and need a little lift! So I can't afford to settle anymore, my 26 year-old girls look a little older.

That's why I started doing a little research on finding the right Bra Size.

While it would be best to have a professional measure you, it's easily done at home as well.

First measure around your ribcage with a seamstress' measuring tape, just below your girls.

Add 5 to this number to get your bra size.

Now measure around the fullest part of your bosom for the measurement of the cup size.

To calculate subtract your band size from your cup size and refer to the size chart below

Second measurement is

1" larger than measurement 1--------------------A
2" larger than measurement 1--------------------B
3" larger than measurement 1--------------------C
4" larger than measurement 1--------------------D
5" larger than measurement 1--------------------E
6" larger than measurement 1--------------------F

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